Lab Service Engagements


The Lab Services Engagement provides full access to our Innovation Lab environment and technical expertise of the Oktay Technology team. This service is aimed at clients who require hands-on functional and performance testing of infrastructure and/or applications in a controlled enterprise-class data center lab environment. Through its industry and supplier partnerships, Oktay Technology can facilitate access to the latest innovations in server, storage, memory, NIC, processor and network technologies. The Lab Services Engagement provides proof of concepts and pilots or more dynamic testing projects, and includes the use of advanced testing and performance measurement tools where needed. Additionally, clients have the flexibility of specifying the level of technical support from the Oktay Technology team that they require. While designed as a standalone offering, this service can be incorporated as an enhancement to any Technology Advisory Services Engagement where hands-on testing or proof of concept work is needed, thus providing the support for complete end-to-end solution delivery for any IT challenge.


  • High Performance Network Hardware Technologies: HPC Ethernet NC, Infiniband HCAs, cut-through HPC Ethernet switches, optical networking.
  • HPC Communications: RDMA, TCP and UDP offload, high-performance multicast, integration with Novell messaging technologies.
  • High Performance Computing Hardware. Super-scalar, multi-core NUMA, GPU, FPGA, NPU. Technology fusions: Cell, NUMA/FPGA, NPU/FPGA.
  • In-socket accelerators and overclocking.
  • High Performance Computing Software: GPU/FPGA compilers.
  • State of the art EMS, OMS, Market Data: HPC tickerplants, accelerated algos.
  • HPC Databases: MPP Databases, MapReduce/HADOOP, HPC database engines.
  • HPC Semantic Databases.
  • Next-Gen Persistence. Flash memory and storage, scale-out SAN, scale-out NAS, accelerated SANs.
  • Computing and Next-Gen Datacenter Technologies: Grid computing, dense/green computing, next-gen virtualization, datacenter provisioning and management.


Lab Services-Oktay Technology will establish an appropriately sized lab environment in our lab facility and provide clients with the support they require. Furthermore, while the technical administration of the lab is generally the responsibility of the client, we will happily tailor a customized lab engagement to provide all of the support that a client requires, from delivery and setup of equipment to a fully managed lab environment.

Managed Lab Service–Managed Lab Service includes all services in the Oktay Technology Lab with the additional technical support for the full spectrum of tasks required to achieve the client’s lab testing objective. This can include communication with vendors to obtain testing equipment, installation and configuration of equipment, testing plan development, testing support and execution, testing results compilation, documentation and tear-down and return of vendor equipment where needed.

Supplier Lab Service, “Powered by Oktay”– The Supplier Lab Service establishes an appropriately sized lab environment in the Oktay Technology lab facility to support the creation of a testing environment for a supplier’s technology product. Once the supplier test environment is established, the supplier can invite any of their existing or prospective clients to perform testing or proof-of-concept evaluations in the lab environment. The Powered by Oktay concept means that Oktay Technology will provide any level of support that the supplier or the supplier’s client requires to achieve their testing objectives.

Value-add Lab Services – The Value-add Lab Services can be offered in combination with any of the Lab Services Engagement types. This service is designed to provide additional support for specialized testing or requirements above and beyond the other Lab Services Engagement offerings and may include the following:


  • Equipment power metering and testing.
  • Capacity and performance management for lab environment.
  • Custom development or configuration of test harness or simulation environment.
  • Extended documentation of lab environment and/or testing results.


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