Depth of Experience


Our team of technologists has in excess of 100 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of Ultra-resilient, Massive Scale, Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading Systems for major financial institutions and investment banks. Over the past 6 years the Oktay team has helped numerous tier-1 wall street firms jump start their redesign and development of their next generation post trade processing using a modern open source stack for real-time flow analytics/alerting, and data processing into a system to support advanced machine learning, AI and deep learning. The hands-on expertise has allowed all our clients to build with confidence into a proven state of the art enterprise resilient design by including capabilities around modern DevOps for ephemeral Micro-services with real-time performance management and telemetry from hybrid cloud deployment models.

Headed by Steve Yatko, former Credit Suisse Managing Director, CTO of the Investment Bank, and Global Head of Credit Suisse R&D, Principals of Oktay were responsible for the design, build, and deployment of the application and infrastructure for Credit Suisse’s global trading and analytics platform. Additionally, Oktay is responsible for the continued redesign and re-platforming of Global Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading Systems in addition to the modern informatics and data processing in support of Machine Learning, AI and deep learning, for a number of the largest global investment banks. Today, our team continues to be one of the foremost industry experts in the identification, vetting, testing, and design of state of the art emergent technology.


About Oktay


We are a leader designing and implementing high volume, ultra-low latency computing, Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning across all emerging application and infrastructure technology. We advise in enterprise computing innovations for Healthcare and Financial services including large-scale financial trading, information and analytics systems. We can help discover and test emerging technology, and aid in the design of complex end to end systems, up and down the entire technology stack.

Oktay Technology is active in the emerging technology involved in Algorithmic Trading Systems, HFT Trading Systems, Market Data Ticker Plants, Modern informatics and data processing systems, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Transaction Processing, Massively Parallel Processing, Ultra-low Latency Networking, Software Defined Networking, Storage Innovations, Virtualization, DevOps, and Cloud


The Oktay Approach


What differentiates Oktay from other advisors is we don't just speak about technology vision, we make it happen. We do this with a proven track record giving our client the confidence they need to build and deploy modern mission critical systems using innovative state of the art business and technology capabilities. The depth and diversity of hands-on experience in design, development, and implementation of innovative solutions is unparalleled for Enterprises running mission critical systems needing high performance, scale and hyper-resilient capabilities and in need of modernizing.  We are always current and hands on with emerging technology up and down the entire IT stack and we remain hand-on with our clients as we team up to guardrail the development of the initiatives.

Our expertise encompasses both application development and infrastructure. We react quickly in an ever-changing information technology landscape and have intimate knowledge and relationships with all of the major hardware and software providers. Additionally, our unparalleled knowledge of, and access to, all of the cutting-edge emergent technology solutions and serial entrepreneurs ensures best-of-breed tailor-made solutions for our customers.

As needed, our clients are provided access to our unique Innovation Lab and/or state of the art performance benchmarks for both trading and post trade processing of end to end systems technology to test meaningful performance, latency and throughput against simulated real-time algorithmic trade events into machine learning flow analytics and deep learning systems. This environment also provides a hands-on experience into an enterprise class test environment. This offering provides clients with the ability to quickly and efficiently incubate or evaluate any technology against specific requirements outside of the traditional corporate environment.

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