Lab Service Engagements


Our Lab Services engagement provides full access to Oktay Labs, our enterprise class Innovation Lab or into our client’s existing lab, to allow the technical expertise of Oktay’s performance team to execute testing via our proprietary test suites to produce a full detailed report on all testing comparisons and results. This service is available to both Enterprise IT consumers and Technology firms looking to solve Enterprise application and business challenges.

This service is aimed at clients who require modeled use cases that simulate real world use of the technology stack needing performance testing with strong technical expertise to understand the results and to effectively re-tested with relevant optimizations. Our team is hands-on for decades with functional and performance testing of infrastructure and/or applications in trading systems, legacy database systems and over the last six years equally skilled in modern informatics and data processing systems.

Through our industry and supplier partnerships, Oktay Technology can facilitate access to the latest innovations in server, storage, memory, network technologies and modern informatics available via Open Source such as Kafka, Storm, Flink, Spark, Mongo, Ignite, Tensorflow, Docker, Kubernetes, etc...

Oktay Labs utilizes three proprietary Test Suites to benchmark a wide range of relevant use cases

(Call us for a detailed description of each Suite and Tests)

1.     Trading System Simulation: Test Suite A


2.     Big Data, Machine Learning and Streaming: Test Suite B


3.     End to End Post Trade Streaming and Analytics: Test Suite C (I1...I5)