Advisory Services for IT Suppliers



With more than 100 years of collective experience in the corporate world as IT enterprise buyers, developers, infrastructure engineering and operations, and our ability to work effectively across corporate business lines, we are uniquely qualified to provide suppliers with a thorough understanding of an enterprise buyer’s requirements and help tailor solutions and advice to meet those needs.

The IT Supplier Technology Advisory Service is designed to help emerging technology suppliers as well as established industry IT suppliers validate their technology capabilities and approach as a differentiated solution for the Enterprise.

Moreover, this service will enrich the ecosystem of financial services technology innovation by fostering collaboration between technology suppliers and the most influential technology buyers supported by the know-how experience of our team and testing lab capabilities of Oktay. Our extensive network of relationships that the we maintain with over a hundred leading technology executives in the largest tier 1 and tier 2 Wall Street firms.  This allows us to support both major and emerging technology companies, serial entrepreneurs and venture capital firms in the US, Europe, and the Middle East become relevant in Financial Services with high quality interactions with leaders managing some of the most complex technology and operations globally.

Sample areas of our where our end user relationships are innovating and where we focus our advisory and testing:  Trading, realtime Modern Informatics and data processing using the lastest Open Source implementations for AI/ML/Deep Learning, DevOps, Micro-services, and hybrid cloud 


Benefits of Advisory Services for IT Suppliers of any product development phase (pre-beta, beta or GA)

  • In-depth analysis of supplier’s technology, including optional functional and performance testing based on the Oktay team’s extensive background in financial services enterprise IT and our extensive benchmarking test suites (Trading and Modern Informatics)
  • Insight into understanding the enterprise buyer’s requirements, corporate environment, implementation methodologies, and decision making process.
  • Assistance with developing and fine-tuning a financial services IT oriented marketing plan or pitch deck with relevant Use Cases and painpoints
  • Clear understanding of what differentiates the product
  • Creating industry relevance via introductions and interactive discussions with high quality, pre-qualified technology executives in roles focused on innovating as an early adopter to solve critical production issues or strategic challenges


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