Sreedhar Tulluri, Technology Fellow


Sreedhar has 20+ years of technology leadership in highly complex electronic trading systems, IT architecture and operations. Transformed IT operations at major financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and Standard & Poor’s. Led and delivered $50- $100M business & technology initiatives and advised C level executives on technology direction at organizations such as Bank of America. Represented a consortium of leading financial institutions to solve industry wide regulatory & compliance challenges. He has hands-on experience in architecting and implementing bigdata solutions for financial services with emphasis on flow analytics, data warehousing and compliant multi-tier data storage platforms. Has MS in computer science and MBA from Columbia Business School.

Sreedhar has hands experience in project management and been a scrum master for several large global projects with global teams, multiple stakeholders and tight timelines and budget. Responsibilities include deliverables. Sreedhar has operated in a culture that optimized SDLC process by bringing developers, operators and product owners closer thus promoting collaboration, transparency, communication and increased product quality.

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