Don Muller - Data Scientist


Don has 20+ years of experience in data mining, machine learning, AI, adaptive streaming rules engines, database and web application architect/developer in, C#, MS SQL, Python, Spark, MongoDB, TensorFlow. Triple BS degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science… His work was nationally recognized by Healthcare Informatics as one of the top 10 innovative healthcare technologies. Has architected and developed many commercial products for the health care industry, including parallel processing rules engines, worked with many machine learning models such as cluster analysis, anomaly detection, adaptive probability content patient mapping, deep learning. With Paradigm Health later acquired by Alere, deployed this technology to Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, Great West, Tufts, McKesson, Coventry, HealthNet and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.  Sold healthcare technology to Narus Health. Recently created the Infermatrix, an OOP technology platform for commercial applications in website, business rules, data mining, AI.

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