Technology Leaders


Oktay is leading the way in high volume,
ultra-low latency computing, massive
parallel processing, big data analysis
and emerging technology.

Taylor Made Solutions


Our unparalleled knowledge of, and access
to cutting-edge emergent technology and
providers ensures best-of-breed tailor-made
solutions for major financial institutions and
investment banks.

Incubate & Evaluate

Incubate &

Our clients are provided access to our
unique Innovation Lab which provides a
hands-on experience into an enterprise
class environment.

Unsurpassed Experience


Over 100 years of combined experience in the
design and implementation of ultra-resilient,
massive scale, ultra-low latency algorithmic
and high frequency trading systems.


Oktay Technology

We are a leader designing and implementing high volume, ultra-low latency computing, Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning across all emerging application and infrastructure technology. We advise in enterprise computing innovations for Healthcare and Financial services including large-scale financial trading, information and analytics systems. We can help discover and test emerging technology, and aid in the design of complex end to end systems, up and down the entire technology stack...


A New Approach

What differentiates Oktay from other advisors is we don't just speak about technology vision, we make it happen. We do this with a proven track record giving our client the confidence they need to build and deploy modern mission critical systems using innovative state of the art business and technology capabilities...


Depth of Experience

Our team of technologists has in excess of 100 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of Ultra-resilient, Massive Scale, Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic and HFT Systems for major financial institutions. Over the past six years the Oktay team has helped numerous Tier-1 firms jump start their redesign and development of their next generation analytics or post trade processing using a modern open source stack for real-time flow analytics/alerting, and data processing into a system to support advanced machine learning, AI and deep learning...


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